No One Is Fine

by The Fire Tonight

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A note about this release:

Looking back, we were too young to do this album properly. We wanted to record a huge rock album all by ourselves and, at least in our estimation, we failed. There are some great songs on here, but few of them really got the studio treatment that they deserve.

Since we now know how to properly produce music, maybe we will go back and revisit more of these songs like we did with Cannon Canvas. But until then, take this album for what it is - a historical document of the early The Fire Tonight.

The Fire Tonight is Collin Derrick, Jamie Heiting and Stephen Russ


released November 21, 2008

Produced by Stephen Russ
Mixed and Engineered by Collin Derrick



all rights reserved
Track Name: Don't Look Back
quiet desperation is slowly pulling down
give yourself away but keep the formal gown

the constant exhibition
constrains your will to listen
rewrites your definition
just don't look back

honesty and circumstance persistently collide
putting cracks in the walls of glass you hide behind

Track Name: Pay the Waitress
take me to the coastline way down south
let me hear your frozen, black heart beating out
people use their fists you just use your mouth
won't you teach me baby how to twist and shout
better buy yourself new friends tonight
ring around the rosie, pull the plug
bent on raising hell and you're just sporting a mug
like you buy you can't dance, you're no fun
you're slowly but surely eating us one by one
better buy yourself new friends tonight

you should know something's wrong when you gotta ask
the beer is gone you're alone and they booked it fast
take your place at the bar as your part of the cast
pay the waitress a dollar for your new past
Track Name: Dusk
from the first bell i hear
i am only grinding gears
in this daily machine
trading life for efficiency
but the quiet that keeps
in the moment before sleep
my heart yet survives
and i remember i'm alive

if i could feel this way when my unconsciousness breaks
and i am released from my dreams and the blind obscurity
i believe i could change
i could change

clarity sharp and quick
cutting through the thin and thick
only truth still remains
to expose comforting pain


how did this happen?
i was so easily tricked out of my dreams
will i ever like myself?

Track Name: Be Rejected
words spilling out like a flood
into the air with a shove
pushing away the rejection that you feel from within
over again

always reassuring everyone
that you belong as you run
into the place that you think they all will be

it makes me cringe
the desperate cry
to be received
without a lie
your deep felt need
i see in me

honesty trades for a facade
that you proudly display and applaud
because, who the hell, likes who we really are


drive to truth and self acceptance
brings a storm of deep repentance
disappointment self projected
i don't want to be rejected
Track Name: Cannon Canvas
color and needles break the skin
pain the perception desired on the outside so the art
can obscure unpleasant truth that's within
slow addiction drowns out the regret
the things that you cannot change, all the empty pain
is burned away in blinding lights of blue and red

what do you see?
what do you see now?
in the pretty pictures that blanket the self you disavow

you can decorate but it's never enough
no, it's never enough
you can saturate but it's never enough
no, it's never enough
for your cannon canvas

separation of self and stain
the truth and habitual charades have become just shades
a monochrome rendition of yourself you maintain

[pre chorus]

she is busy and alone
popular without a home
energetic, dead inside
i would not have survived
Track Name: Sunderland
sometimes i can feel it waiting in between my thoughts
a vaguely threatening yet coming liquidation of the framework i have wrought
these 23 or is it 4 years i have slowly built my
defenses to the unbroken barrage of 26 years of confusion

the mental violence self inflicted is not typically
born of massochism but rather from inability
to control this, control this separation of reality from
monsters hiding in my mind and feasting on my family
anxiety and paranoia are skills on my resume
they visit me to help me make decisions almost every day
yet continuity has kept her distance from the fabrics edge
the evidence my cashmere sanity is unraveling thread by thread

but i am fine

they're putting something in my pills to try to break into my brain
i know that it sounds crazy please believe me, i am not insane
don't talk so loud their evil minions hide in the shadows everywhere
just because you cannot see them doesn't mean they are not there
Track Name: Daniel Mclean
daniel mclean says he's lost all his dreams
and he lost all his hair but he found an affair
that makes him feel alive when he cheats on his wife
because the man he was died from routine

oh God set me free from the dubious dreams
of the daniel mcleans and their lies

daniel's bride can't do anything right
it's just not like it was when they first fell in love
so he justifies the adulterous nights
because he's not the one who has changed

oh God set me free from the dubious dreams
of the daniel mcleans and their lies
let me see the truth that what may not be new
has always been good and been right

it wasn't a moment he didn't decide
not to love her
but one day, more than he wanted his wife
he wanted others
he did not fight, did not shed his blood
did not give his life, he gave up on love

Track Name: Black Confetti
violent silence, wounded prideful ways
bruises, bloodshed, bitter hate

gather yourself and prepare to face
those that you love with your selfish ways

green wilted into brown and
you were here but you weren't around well
she tried to warn you but you didn't listen
when best friends turn into strangers
you shouldn't be surprised but you sure do blame her
for all the effort that you never made


gather your black confetti
here it comes, are you ready?
to sleep in the bed that you made for yourself
raise your glasses to the one
who tore right through the heart of
his beloved princess true

Track Name: Ashes

she is not the one you love but she seems to be in control
she is replaced without hesitation another shovelfull
the constant stream is too much, too much to handle

it doesn't change
it doesn't ever go away
this deadly sickness that cannot be tamed
factory of shame

burned into your mind from the first time that you saw it
you cannot outrun the images that haunt you when you close your eyes
so you lie to yourself when you feel like someone else
as you ignore what your heart says as you fall down the wrong rabbit hole


so you take off your childhood and past sins
and put on your best suit and ashes
for the innocence lost, to remember the cost
of raping your mind
oh what a price we paid


oh what a price we pay
Track Name: No One Is Fine
callous liar
bitter coward
spiteful pessimist
selfish perfectionist

don't pretend
don't be the same
don't feed me lines
be honest with yourself
we're not okay
no one if fine


striving for perfection

we promptly dispense our judgments
with an apathetic grin
setting ourselves up to triumph
in pointless comparisons
feeding our self-esteem
with our self-righteous arrogance