Sabotage Me

by The Fire Tonight

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This EP is an audio "thank you" letter to our fans. All we ask is that you enjoy it and share it with others.

We realized that to make the best EP we could we needed the help of our friends, so we asked the most talented of them to help us out:

Michael Schaming (Hot Lava Monster): Mike is the one of the greatest guitarists in Columbia, SC and we have loved playing with his ridiculously good band on many occasions.

Angelo Gianni (Treadmill Trackstar): It is true that Jamie and Stephen taped a Treadmill song off of the radio in the fifth grade. Having Angelo contribute to this EP was a true honor.

Daniel Machado (The Restoration): Daniel helped us get our first real show ever and we've been connected ever since. When Collin wrote string parts we knew immediately who would have to play them.

Josh Hardy and Emory Cash: Two of the most talented artists in the upstate and they offered to work on our album art. We don't know what we did to deserve this. In addition, they brought Chris Bradley in to lend his video expertise to a video of the process that will be made available soon.

The Fire Tonight would like to thank:

All the people who contributed to the art: Two days of glorious painting in the upstate by new and old fans alike made our EP artwork as unique as it could be. Thank you!!

Our families and friends: We love you and none of this would be possible without all of your support.

David, Meredith, and SceneSC, Michael Staton and the Anderson Independent, Mike and New Brookland Tavern, Randy Borawski and WXRY, Donna Clark and Label me. productions,, Rainey and, Patrick Wall and the Free Times, Lori Ramey, Austin Garrett, New Covenant School, Zachary Groff, Sue Hardee, Divakar and 106.5 The End, WUSC, 93.3 The Planet, Otis Taylor, The Evening Muse, The Garage, Ground Zero, Hot Lava Monster, Treadmill Trackstar, The Restoration, The Stellas, all the venues we've played, the artists we have played with, and the other press and radio stations who have supported us.


released June 1, 2010

Mixed and Engineered by Collin Derrick
Produced by Stephen Russ
Mastered by Tim Hall

The Fire Tonight is:

Collin Derrick: Vocals, guitar, piano
Jesse James: Bass
Stephen Russ: Drums
Jamie Heiting: Guitar

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Artwork by Josh Hardy, Emory Cash, and hundreds of others!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sabotage Me
we share the blame for this
and I want to hear you say
say it to me
you're sorry for
sabotaging all I've tried to do

don't you know you waste my time
keep your impotent advice

you ignorant, narcisstic, smug and pompous ass
too self absorbed to
realize you're sabotaging all I try to do
you sabotage me

don't you know you waste my time
keep your impotent advice
make suggestions as you like
I will burn them and use mine
Track Name: Break Me Down feat. Angelo Gianni
oh ohhh ohh ohhh ohhhhhhh ohh ohh ohhhh
ohhh ohhhhhh ohhh ohh ohhhhhhhh ohhh ohhh

trash into treasure
piece by piece
slowly what I'm feeling
is better and better
the less that i see
everybody's reasons

break me down
'cause i don't know what to do

push me i fall down
cut me i bleed
but you cannot stop me
'cause these scars and these bruises
bring strength you can't see
so come on
give it to me

<so you gotta choose somebody>
<eenie meenie miney moe>
Track Name: Miniskirts and Lipstick feat. Hot Lava Mike
women are the devil
mama told me
they steal your affections
in time to run away
sleep with one eye open
take it from me
miniskirts and lipstick
won't do you any good

we fell in love

mama told me
she told me
Track Name: A Spy Theme feat. Daniel Machado
no one can deny you're dressed to kill
you catch their eye, you bend them to your will
you distract them from the poison with promises unfulfilled

kill yourself in order to survive
trade your life for violence
exchange the truth for lies

another name a new disguise
another chance to watch as a new part of you dies

kill yourself in order to survive
just betray your innocence
for things you once despised
your self destruction