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by The Fire Tonight

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lorojoro Hello, dance beats + The Fire Tonight! Favorite track: Come Over Here.
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We would like to thank every single one of you who downloads this EP. You make us feel awesome and we hope this music returns the favor. Please note that the optimal listening conditions for this EP are in your car, heading to the beach with your friends. Make it happen. Also, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this EP. Their names are below, and they deserve your appreciation - they certainly have ours.


released July 4, 2012

Artwork by Brendan J. Carrick
(with assistance from Sarah Gardiner)

Additional vocals in "Get Some" courtesy of Daniel Machado, Marshall Brown, Adam Corbett, Aleks Amer, and Ben Crosby

The Fire Tonight is...

Collin Derrick - Vocals, Guitars
Jesse James - Bass, Guitars, Hammond, Programming
Stephen Russ - Drums, Backing Vocals

All songs written by The Fire Tonight (and don't you forget it)
Dragonflies written by Josh Hardy, Nate Martin, Stephen Russ, and Collin Derrick

Engineered and Mixed by Collin Derrick
Additional engineering on "Get Some" by Aaron J Dymond
Produced by The Fire Tonight
Mastered by Tim Hall

EP Awesomeness Beta Testers - Daniel Machado, Brendan J. Carrick, Erin Russ, Kevin McVicker, Coart and Lori Ramey, Angelo Gianni, Andrew Pressley, Tim Hall, Aaron J Dymond, Dennis Masi, Ted Skolits, Katherine Cheairs

Recorded in AMERICA



all rights reserved
Track Name: Get Some
hey baby
you help me get what I need
hey baby
you know I like what I see
you've got something
goin' on with me
hey baby
you help me get what I need

(na na na nanana)
one plus one
(na na na nanana)
come get some!!


(na na na nanana)
one plus one
(na na na nanana)
let's have fun... yeeeah
(na na na nanana)
come get some!!
(ungh! whoa whoa whoa whoa oh yeeeeeah)

hey baby
you help me get what I need
hey baby
Track Name: Dragonflies
black and bright
the dark illuminates
my thoughts of you

but she might
into a million pieces
break anew

linger through the night sky
on the wings of dragonflies
linger through the

she said to me
there's only so much I can take
before I need to bend and break

blue eyed girl
she feels me with anticipation
deep brown curls
a veil to mask her dark emotions

linger through the


everything that you wanna say
blame me if you need to get it off your shoulders
are you sober?
tell me all the things that you wanna say
blame me if you need to get it off your shoulders


Track Name: Bleed for Nothing
I noticed your interest
you had that twinkle in your eye
you've got drive which I like
it seems like this thing could go far
but sometimes those two eyes
they roll right back into your head

follow me we'll go
and live for something
fine by me, you know
to bleed for nothing

you know you're right you'll be fine
no need to give it all you've got
phone it in for the win
aspire to mediocrity




Track Name: Come Over Here
saw you on the floor
and you were starting to move
you leaned into your hips
like you were feeling the groove
you let your body sway
like you've got nothing to lose
I can't help myself
ooh girl I want you

come over here
I wanna feel your body
dance next to mine
let's lose track of time and partyyyy

I see you watch me do what I do
but don't just stand there show me your moves

eyes like a tractor beam
that pull me to you
I'm under your spell
one look and I knew

p-p-p-panties dr-dr-dr-drop