How Could Anyone Do This​?​!

by The Fire Tonight

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Kevin McVicker
Kevin McVicker thumbnail
Kevin McVicker This album destroyed my dream of becoming a comic book writer. Thanks to TFT I am now content living my days out as worthless middle management data analyst in a 4x6 cubicle. 5 Stars. Favorite track: Sunderland.
lorojoro thumbnail
lorojoro This is a fantastic album. I couldn't pick a single favorite. I guess Modal Jam wins for the moment. ;) Favorite track: Modal Jam.
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Featuring: Peggy Anderson, Adam Corbett, Aaron Dymond, Lauren Garner, Austin Garrett, Angelo Gianni, Brandon GilliArd, Zach Groff, Anna Lawrence, Daniel Machado, Jenny Mann, Archie Montoya, Kevin McVicker, Adam Middleton, Derek Murphy, Deandre Norwood, Suzanne Patterson, Kat Pollock, Lori Ramey, Erin Patterson, Tova Rinah, Michael Schaming, Clay White, Darby Wilcox, and YabOy!G

We would like to thank every single person who took the time to participate in our record. Your talents made this project a once in a lifetime experience for us, and we can’t thank you enough. We hope it was as much fun for you as it was for us! Additionally, a huge thank you is in order for Curtis and Virginia Derrick, Bill and Janet Russ, Kyle Pickens, and Arnold Barlow, who lent their homes to us for recording. Lastly, we would like to thank former members Josh Hardy, Nate Martin, Jamie Heiting, and Justin Heiting. Without their contributions to our band, this record wouldn’t exist. Thanks for being a part of the journey guys.

This album is dedicated to the musicians, filmmakers, writers, and video game developers who have inspired us to not accept mediocrity.


released January 7, 2014

Words and music by The Fire Tonight.
Sugar: Rap lyrics by YabOy!G.
Sunderland: Written by Collin Derrick, Stephen Russ, Jamie Heiting, and Nate Martin. Arranged by Jesse James

Recorded and Produced by The Fire Tonight
Mixed by Tim Hall
Mastered by Keith Compton
Design by Andrew Parker



all rights reserved
Track Name: Grip
Where did she go
I jumped and crawled
Ran and fought by fire and stars

But she's never there
She's never there
I give my all
But she's never there

How many bridges must cross
Secret areas must I find
Castles must I conquer
Flagpoles must I climb

I won't give up hope
I will persevere
I won't let her down
This time I know she's near

I'm almost there
I'm almost there
I can feel it in my hands

We gotta find the weakest spot and
The hardest boss we ever fought and
We gotta give it all we got
'Cause this is our last life
Oh no!
Transforming and he's blinking faster
We gotta use the mega blaster
We're gonna be nintendo masters!
Mom says our time is up!

But mom!
Mom no!
I'm almost at the last level!
I don't have anymore continues I can't pause it!
You can't saaaave
You don't understand!
This is the most important...
Hey! She said we could keep playing!!!
Track Name: Freedom - FREE Single
She always knows just what to say
Never looks incomplete
But he's always wrong and falling down
Get up, get up, get up now

No strand is ever out of place
Her life his perfect dream
But his used car broke reality
Won't let up, let up, let up now

What I wouldn't do
To be just like you
Free to close my eyes

Gimme your freedom
You do not know, I will not go
Gimme your freedom
Leave me alone

She's Always on, every floor a stage
Performing life in scenes
But he has no character to break
She's fed up, fed up, fed up now

Followed by bright and judging lights
Not safe enough to breathe
But he make mistakes that no one finds
Can't get up, get up, get up now

What I wouldn't do, to be just like you
Free to close My eyes
What I wouldn't do, to be just like you
Free to live my life

Oh she didn't now
We all want freedom
We all need freedom
We all got freedom

She always knows just what to say
Track Name: Cash Metal
With small hands and a big heart
You got me to the table then took me apart
The devil had told me all good things are cursed
There's no hope for redemption, your love was the first

Oh no, please don't go
don't leave me here alone

Her belly was swollen by the end of the year
She found satisfaction I only found fear
Then with small feet and big eyes
You stole my one love and brought my demise

I only had one hope in this world and you stole her away
I'm never coming home
The devil was right

Dies Irae Domine
Track Name: Sugar
Please don't give me lies, give me sugar

Been about an hour, I called, I know you check that
No call or a text back, wonder where your heart's been left at
I regret that I cheated on you so if you get back, I'd expect that, but I respect
When you deal with infidelity it's hard to connect back
Still I worked hard, didn't let that keep from my part and apart from the setbacks I really thought that it was better now
The shoe is on the other foot and now it's you, the one that's stepping out,
I guess I used to do the letting down but now I'm feeling stupid and foolish
Trying to figure how we always go through this
And do you really want to find a resolution, all this mystery makes confusion
Will you go or stay it's confusing, Im feeling either way I'm losing
But I'd rather have your sugar to sink my sweet tooth in


You looked me in my eyes and lied
I knew there'd be a day I'd find the real reason our hearts ain't align
The season that your heart changed mine there's a reason our hearts can't find no love for lusting
Guess I was dumb for trusting
How did our love malfunction?
'Cause I gave you my all, you crushed it
Tried to slow it down, you rushed it
Crashed too fast in the mass destruction while trying to mask my reluctance
'Cause you had me wondering, we both had past of suffering
I felt we crossed paths for something
It wouldn't hurt this bad for nothing
I swear I'm leaving ... nah I'm bluffing
Girl we need to talk over dinner or lunch and work through this
Give me truth no lies, substitutions
Give me sugar, no lies or illusions

Don't want this to end but I won't pretend

Please don't give me lies, gimme sugar

Don't want this to end, but I won't pretend
If your love is real whisper in my ear, show me what you feel

Oh, I can't take it anymore, girl I gotta know for sure
Tell me - are you gonna stay or go?
Track Name: Modal Jam
Today I woke up and saw the world in a different light, a different plight
and couldn't stand the sight of it anymore
I couldn't take it anymore

I just can't stand to walk down the streets we shared our thoughts on you always had your guard on that always made you tarry long
You always said to carry on

Your words are useless now
You're becoming just like all the rest
Just shut up and pack your bags for now
Because you surely won't be needing the rest

The funny thing I never heard a third of the time in your worry was that your cursing might force you to be in the wrong again
Good thing I never heard your plan

Because if you had opened your token of lovin' to your broken attempt at a notion of fixin' your emotions we'd all be dead
Good thing you never showed your hand

Your words are useless now
You're becoming just like all the rest
Just shut up and pack your bags for now
Because you surely won't be needing the rest

Good thing you never showed your hand
They would have locked you up and thrown away the key

And everything you say is poison, poison to my mind and poisoning those around with your cloister of hating And everything you do is lesions on my brain teasing every chance I've ever had and every chance I'll ever get

But this is my life and my time and my place and you won't be trifling my chance to shine and face the world to overcome the fears, fears you've been piling on my world in the wake of your insane episodic wake of lying to my face oh yeah
Track Name: Lover
Oh father why
Oh father why
Father why do you hide from me
Oh father why

Oh lover why
Oh lover why
Lover why do you lie to me
Oh lover why
Track Name: Hide It
With each little lie you die a little more
Tell yourself you're a grownup not a corporate whore
But you cannot escape your identity

So take action on your passion
Set aside the things that are distractions
You need courage more than serenity

When we feel alive our hearts are beating out our chests
And we won't be satisfied with survival
Give us life or death

Lack of vision, indecision and apathy are the fruits of your religion
When you take what you love and hide it away

So close your eyes and take a big breath
Real life doesn't come without real death
What you get for the fight is worth being brave

Track Name: In the Plan
Where are you son?
Where did you go?
You took a different path
You never came home

I'd rather believe in hell
Than believe in you
And when you leave this world
I hope you know the truth
I'd rather look ahead
Than be right here
I didn't choose you son
I chose fear

I know and feel love
You can't understand
You call it paranoia
But it's all in the plan, to let me hold your hand
For all eternity
Holding your hand
For all eternity

Where are you son?
Where did you go?
Take a different path
Never come home
Don't you ever come home
Track Name: Sunderland
Sometimes i can feel it waiting in between my thoughts
A vaguely threatening yet coming liquidation of the framework i have wrought
These 23 or is it 4 years i have slowly built my
Defenses to the unbroken barrage of 26 years of confusion

The mental violence self inflicted is not typically
Born of masochism but rather from inability
To control this, control this separation of reality from
Monsters hiding in my mind and feasting on my family
Anxiety and paranoia are skills on my resume
They visit me to help me make decisions almost every day
Yet continuity has kept her distance from the fabrics edge
The evidence my cashmere sanity is unraveling thread by thread

But i am fine

They're putting something in my pills to try to break into my brain
I know that it sounds crazy please believe me, i am not insane
Don't talk so loud their evil minions hide in the shadows everywhere
Just because you cannot see them doesn't mean they are not there, alright?
Track Name: Comfort/Chaos
Sometimes it feels like all these pieces break apart around me
Deadlines, messages and meetings back to back
I'm drowning but

You always feel like coming home
You seem to make sense when i don't

Tired and tangled in this web of tugging string
Wondering what i'm doing starting at this screen
Confounded but

You are comfort in the chaos

You always feel like coming home